Hey y’all how you doing (Wendy Williams’ voice and gesture)? Hope you did rest sufficiently during the holiday. I know some people partied so hard, they literally called Tuesday Monday!
Well well,unto the business of the day, I was watching moments with mo, and the topic was long distance relationships. And long distance marriage came up, and they seemed oblivious.
Now here is my take, I see A LOT of Nigerian men settle their families abroad and stay here to hustle. The question on my mind is WHY? Is it for the fame? Is it to tell your peers that you can afford earning naira and spending dollars/pounds/euros? Is it just for the papers? Is it for the “papers”? Why, Nigerian men, why?

     It really makes no sense to me. Incase you forget, God pitied Adam seeing that he was alone while other creatures were in pairs and created Eve for him. Now you send your Eve abroad, and you say “it is for convinience”? How about the cold nights? How about the healing embrace of your partner in difficult moments? How about if the kids fall sick, and that woman has to tend to them all alone over there (money isnot everything)? In the meantime, you are smiling like a goat being roasted in “Caro’s” arms (wizkid’s version of Caro ie). If you can spend so much money maintaining/sustaining/ your family abroad, why not let them enjoy that same luxury under your supervision, so your children can feel your presence/comfort/protection and grow up to be balanced?

Do not lie.Its true that they’d be refined and “better off” abroad, dear Nigerian men, but the unspoken truth is that it gives you the chance to philander!

Oh well, who am I to judge you? Or better still what do I know? I doubt I do knoww much, but I’m certain I’m against long distance marriages. Someone school me! Lol

*the cup is always half full*



  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! At least I got to learn a new word…..PHILANDER! And besides, Caro was missing. That’s why he keeps saying LOOKING FOR CARO! Nice article

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