It is very easy to detect when someone is withdrawing the friendship they offered you. But often we are too blind to see. Most times, the problem is even not blindness it’s  D enial. We spend time making excuses for them, over analysing the details and blaming circumstances instead of telling ourselves, and sometimes them the truth.

It begins with baby steps. Just as easily as you granted them admission into your space, into your entourage, into your inner circle, into your heart, they ease themselves out when they feel like they’ve had enough of you.



A lot of times it’s hard to deal with broken friendships because when the going was good, the bond gave us strength. They were a good support link. They helped you when you were down, and you took pleasure in being there for them. But what if it turns toxic?
What if you suddenly can’t predict them anymore, can’t understand their tantrums, can’t comprehend the distance they give you? Yes the void will be hurtful at first. Yes it will leave you with many unanswered questions. Yes it will break your heart and leave a sour taste in your mouth. But there is a time of letting go.

When friendship no longer lifts you up, when your friend doesn’t want to be crazy with you anymore, when endless haphazard, random gist turns to monosyllabic replies, when calls don’t get answered or returned, when how are you isn’t answered with more than just fine, when you hear about them from someone else, and I can keep this list going on for days, it’s time to say goodbye. Don’t waste your time being sullen or bitter, stop to think “what did I learn from this?” And don’t try to make them stay- their part in your story just may be over. Don’t try to make them stay. Train yourself to not speak I’ll of them just because you are hurt. Remember,


That’s your food for thought. Until next time, remember the cup is alwaaaaaAys half full.
Happy easter peoplea


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