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And so death struck again. To Nigeria, it may be the first major blow nation wide, but to me, its the 3rd jolt to reality death-wise in 2013.
First there was Musa. Let me tell u about Musa. He was my bestie’s gateman. He was jovial. He was very serviceable- not just to his master family, but to virtually every household on my street. Did I mention he was the most popular mallam? It was common to hear passers-by wave or shout salutation to him. It was 2nd of January 2013 morning. My mum called me and said “musa is dead”. I rushed out and saw a crowd in front of Taiwo’s house. The harsh harmattan that morning made the reality even more grim. That was the first wake up call.
Not long after that, was my friend’s dad’s turn. Rev Ositelu, a sports commissioner and well known clergyman in Lagos state kicked the bucket. I had been chatting with his heart throb that night when she intercepted the conversation to say “Bunmi’s dad is dead!” I went 😮 ! I was shocked. I didn’t know how to comfort my friend. Even the jokes I used to tickle him with had no effect this time around. Death is harsh, I tell you. However, he is a strong black man,and is bouncing back impressingly.

Then came (should I say went?) Goldie. Personally, I loved her eccentric personality. She was Naija’s lady Gaga. I was quite confused at the start of Big Brother star game,as to her vulnerable and excessively emotional personality which she portrayed. Because it contrasted her stage personality totally. But at the end of the day, I got to accept her for what she really was (I believe you can’t pretend for that long,and that well). Her latest song was a hit in MY HOUSE as my little niece won’t stop singing “skibobo, skibobo” in her high pitched-d voice all around the house while trying to immitate Goldie’s dance steps. Sadly, she exits earth just when she is about to blossom in fullness and really explode.
I’m not interested in the causes of their demise. I’m jolted to reality by the message their passing-on screams in my head.
>Love people while they still linger around in all the ways you can. They won’t be around forever. (I console myself with the fact that I used to tip Musa once in a while. Lol)
>Give your life to Christ. He is the only assurance of better things ahead in the great beyond.
>Be accepting of people and help them when they beseech you. I read a tribute to Goldie,and I scorned (read here: ). To me,that’s selling after the market. Why cry over spilt milk?!

Ok,so I just realised this is my first post in 2013. Life happens! Accept my sincere happy new year greetings! I love y’all. Be kind to one another,and yourselves. :*