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When you apologise all the time even when you’re right,just to keep the love going,you’re working too hard.he isn’t worth it. You’re just feeding his ego.walk away.
Beware when you tell him “either me or her!choose!”Because the “her” wants him as much as u do.its the “curse of man to cheat.A good percentage of them do.if he aint cheating,he’s thinking of doing so.not that its ok to cheat.but because you’re respected,he would deny her.savour the ridicule of him denying her.
Learn to read the signs.You would know he’s cheating on his gf with you. When u have restricted hours to call him.When he acts up when you call him at the inappropriate time(and give you an excuse later).He wouldnt treat you like a lady half of the time.He won’t introduce you to his friends,and he will stutter if he comes across his gf’s friend.girl,move on without asking him!he’s a him up!
Yeah we girls are prone to think of marriage earlier than guys.don’t bring up the topic often.most,I mean most guys are scared of commitment.You may scare him away.At the end of the day,you can’t force a guy to do what he doesn’t.Savour being a gf because being a wife is realy not easy.
If he’s married,don’t even go there.its obvious you’d get hurt.
If you eventually break his home,and become 2nd wife,then remember that the side chick position is now vacant.Its guaranteed your marriage will wreck and he’d get wife number 3!lick that.
Money!money!any guy who taps dough from his girl is a potential gigolo.the average african man takes pride in providing for his chick!come on!they like it when we brag to our friends “my boo got that from this or that country.stop providing for him.allow him be the man in the relationship.Dont get me twisted.some times your help is needed.but its wrong when you make yourself the “bread winner.”He is a man.he will survive without u.

Stop nagging.why do you monitor him?come on!the 21st century boyfriend wants you to trust him enough when he is away.Here’s a tip:when next you both are out together and a sexy mama passes by,say honey did you see that?he’d pretend he aint interested.but we all know he’s embarrassed to have been caught starring.who likes an insecure partner?that’s so sick!
Dont get intimidated when he gets the spotlight.At the end of the day,he finds joy in running back into your arms when the cameras have gone to bed.Like Drake rightly put it, “whats a star when his most important fan is missing?!”
Quit comparing him to your ex.He is special in his own way and wants to be acknowledged.Men may be physically strong,but who wants to carry your xtra luggage?if you’re not ready to drop your ex and move on,you’re definitely not ready to be in his life.
Do you know that men never grow up?Their bodies do,no doubt but not their psychology.The difference between a 15yr old and a 32yr old is responsibility(like a new job,new wife and baby food,Kid’s fees,bills bills bills!…)So don’t be so grouchy when he plays psp.He still wants to be pampered.He still likes the sweet names.
If you get the chance to go to school,DO NOT trade your degrees for marriage.Miss independent is the “in” thing.believe me.You get more respect when you have something to show for your years in school.Before you misquote me,i didnot say dont get married. But no reasonable man will ask you to stop school in order to be his wife! Thats already a bad omen!
Do you really have to sleep with a man for money?how much he want give you sef?Forget those old men!fresh blood will prolong your life! 🙂
If you have agreed to do the long distance relationship thing,better opt for an open relationship instead Of pretending. no need tapping behind his back.getting “caught” is not crushes the cheater and the cheated.what happened to fidelity anyway?
Avoid listening to what she said she knew about your boo and her friend.that’s gossip!it shows you’re not close to your significant other.its shameful when you tell the world you want to know more than what mr bf tells you.


Hey!don’t forget to wrap “it” is a responsibility on its own.You both are potential parents.If you must do it,don’t let emotions and 5minutes of pleasure(lol) shade your future.But like i’d always emphasise, if you are a virgin,stay virtuous.Its worth the wait. Dont let those decietful dudes take away your chastity.
When all is said and done,next time you want to get into a relationship,make sure you’re both on the same scale.loving is tough enough.and when its unequal,its downright painful.If you can’t love,then leave!