BABY DOLL,

(can i call you that?) Where have you been all my life?! What took you so long

to reach out to me?(Yes,dear thats what you did). I have been so wealthy and so lonely

half  of my life. Yeah mum left when i was an infant and i inherited Dad’s multimillion business

empire when i barely knew what business meant. A lot of ladies have flocked in and out of my life.

I mean posh ones. They just never were able to keep my attention. Those who tried to suck me dry

developed blisters because the money is virtually inexhaustible. Dont get me wrong, im not blinded by

my riches,im just trying to tell you that with me,you got security. You love jewellry. That says a lot about

just how much financial security means to you.

Like a puzzle, you fit into my life already.Allow me a few minutes of fame to tell you why fit in my life. The bible i own now is the only treasure  i retrieved from my mother’s coffer. On the first page she had scribbled “map of life, dont go anywhere without it.” I have stuck to that.  I am very busy myself,and need someone to go home to after every successful day. Further more, i love challenges. So winning your heart from your current boyfriend is one adventure i am excited to embark on. So you see, baby girl, the odds are in my favour.

I love a lady that will be at “our” poolside, sipping champagne, in the hottest bikini ever made  when i return home. So as concerns being skimpy, please darling, be my guest.Rest assured, id inform you if im coming home with friends. i trade in diamond and gold.Your jewellery wish is my lightning speed command.

I guess this far, i should have bought my way into your good books. Now here’s what i want. A woman that will not take my jokes too

seriously. I love a lady that is not too afraid to rock the boat. Also,You dont need to give me the attitude when i forget to do what i promised. Im only human with more-than-my-brain-can-carry information going through my head. Please start dressing up 2hours prior to the time set for us to go out. I hate showing up late for anything. kindly delete the phrase “i told you!” that wouldnt make me listen to you any better next time.

Please dont nag if i get lost while driving. Id endeavour to get gps installed,by the way. You dont need to make me feel guilty when i withdraw sometimes, men need alone time to their thoughts,to sort things out. Dont feel left out.Sooner or later,when its sorted out,id still let you in on what went down. When i apologise to you, im truly sorry. You actually dont need to make me beg.

Genuinely tolerate me. Pamper me every so often; Im just a man( a boy with big muscles and big responsibilities).Id love to sense that you are happy i am home. Show it. Meet me at the door.  Share your negative feelings in a centered way without blaming,rejecting or being disapproving of me. At the end of the day, when i have loved and trusted you all you want, my ego is all i have left. Dont bruise it. Recognise my God-given Lordship over you; its the unspoken rule that im superior baby.  Finally when i marry you, stick to me. Delete the number of this guy you have bragged about so much. I dont believe that exes should be friends!Not  like that,and definitely not my wife’s.

When you are done reading this letter, just send me a one word reply saying “yes” and i will give you a million more reasons to be with me. This was just a reply to your letter. I actually have a surprise for you….


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