The cash prize is huge.The luxury in the house is  tantalising. The laxity is refreshing to everyone.

The tasks enable contestants to dig deep within themselves and bring out the creative energy most didn’t even know they possessed. The Saturday nights give some the opportunity to party

Poshly  for the first time. Yet in the long run,the boredom makes most do stupid things.


      However, the real bone of contention is the ability of the game to show the true nature of the human  heart : Desperately wicked and savage. Monday nominations bring out the rancour people

hold for others. Funny enough, some people would nominate others,not because they are a competition to them,but because they “do not click “ with them. How foolish. And upon leaving the  chat/diary room, you are forbidden to reveal who you put on the chopping block.Its appalling how you will walk right up to that same person u gave a judas kiss to, smile at them, and even make conversation with them!

  People form alliances and come up with strategies to bring about others’ downfalls. Some give you smiles during the day, get information out of you about your life,your story, and at night, they

Slander you, they disrobe you in front of others. Some knock peoples’ heads to make their way to the top. Others are simply as cunning as tortoises. Like slow poison, they win you over,they entice you.Then they find fault in you, just to get an excuse to stab you in the face.  Kimberly from Zambia is a classic example. My, did she use feminine wiles to finish Nicholas and even Lomwe. I

Wonder if she can get a trust-filled relationship after that show.  Then you have some very confused personalities who even at the end of the game cannot define who they are. That is just a

result of not being oneself. Very often, getting into amorous relationships in the house jeopardise your strategy if u had one, or twist your game. Few like Kevin Pam-Elizabeth and Mwisho-meryl  couples thrived.I wonder what the former are upto thus far. We all have witnessed  serviceable  Goldie

earn sly remarks from Prezzo behind her back.Thank God the scales fell off her eyes. And to

re-iterate my point of deceit, he puts her up for eviction once he gets the chance. How shamed he will be to find out she didn’t return the favour.

 One thing i noticed is that visitors come in once in a while, recreational and social activities are made available, but never for once have i witnessed a religious pretence from the organisers.Correct me if im wrong. I am not questioning them, but doesn’t God matter there? 

  Little wonder Nigeria’s Karen Igho is so laudable. Her twitter page @karen_igho is flooded with praises from fans who wish they could have her BACK on their screens.No doubt, we all hated how confrontational she could be, but lets face it,thats one person who didn’t have an agenda. Her strategy was to be true to herself and her purple chair in which she found solace. She knew how disliked she was,yet she didn’t bother replacing anyone when she was head of house. She selflessly sacrificed herself. Funny enough,she had no idea how much Africa loved her. 

  Now everyone began to wonder why boring wendall won over hyperactive,funny, smart,intelligent and arrogant Luclay. Didnt he play the game well?

   Well on a lighter note, i like to think that biggie as he is fondly called is playing god. Reason being that they do not see him, yet they follow his instructions,and most of the time obey him. They believe him most of the time and depend on him for as long as they stay in the house.some come to love and trust him and tell him their biggest secrets.They tell him what they do not want others to know. And sometimes,they carry out missions for him;mostly mischievous though. Dear reader, im not insinuating anything,and i beseech thee not to draw any conclusions from this paragraph, or quote

       I’d like to close my reflection with a question; when all is said and done, is the money worth

The drama? Funny enough, this game has no first runner up. So only the ultimate winner gets

the cash. Yes you get the fame, but on getting out,and back to reality, you don’t get contracts upon blinking or snapping your fingers. Was it necessary to embarrass yourself that much?

On that note, id advice future contestants to maintain/preserve their values.  MERCI


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