Im writing you this letter on a cold saturday evening. I am relaxed and in an indifferent mood.This means 

 i am thinking clearly. what im about to tell you here has been

intently thought out. 

I am probably the most misunderstood person i know. I love my long legs,

and i love to bare them;people think i dress skimpily to get attention. My breasts are fat and are therefore conspicuous no matter what i wear. Again,people call my blouses indecent. Show me a girl that doesnt like some decolletage! *sigh*

 I grew up in a culture where the more jewellery you wore,the more presentable you are.

 Sadly,in this part of the world where i find myself now,the ring on my nose is undisputable sign of waywardness.

Im just saying this,so you have an idea of my dress sense; precisely,what my desired appearance is.

My quietness is taken for snobbishness. And when i laugh,they think im a crazy loud b***h. 

I hope when you’ll decide that you like me,you can overlook all these,and preferably understand them. You dont have to worry,i can wear knee length skirts, and ankle length jeans and leggings .

Well, now that you have an overview of what i look like, let me tell you what i need. I need  love. Unconditional, reasonable love. I dont need you to call me 12 hours a day, or text me 20 times per hour. This is because im 

not idle and jobless. i have things to do, and sometimes,dont need to 

be interrupted.

I  need true trust from you. If you call my phone and i dont pick,do not start making 

ideas in your head that im avoiding you,or that im with someone else and thats why im ignoring your calls.

When i say i cant make it for a date initially,dont make a fuss.i most definitely have a reason.

If a guy walks up to me when we are out,dont wear me out with questions.You arent the only man i know .

When my i get off a call,suppress the urge to ask me who just called.If it is relevant to you,id

tell you before you even look my way.Not that i wouldnt tell you just because…

Love me so much you want to marry me even though i doubt my present boyfriend would 

ever give you the chance by leaving me. 😛 . Yes buy me gifts even when its not my birthday. Send me 

flowers just to be novel-romantic,though that doesnt matter to me. Take me

to fun places just for relaxation.Ever so often,tell me how much you

love me,and how lost you are without me and show me some care.Involve me in your world.

Dont be too macho and try to keep your worries away from me.Im keen.I’d notice. And lest i forget, “you wont understand”

is the worst thing to tell me. You dont have to be rude to me in anger either.

If you ever happen to cheat,i dont need your confession.May you choke on your guilt.

In my next letters,id tell you more private things but let me tell you the easiest way to bond with

me: pray with me.Thats the easiest way to totally win my trust and love. A man 

that prays is by far the most attractive trait according to me. And last but not least,look good. I really dont 

care about the four letter word call swag. Just be suave. 

The first day i tell you i love you,believe me totally.Some words dont come out easy. When i say i 

miss you,run to me and comfort me. Just be yourself. Thats what i long for-uniqueness.

Truth be told,i hope i never have to meet you. Because i love the man im with

at the moment. Don’t spoil his show! 😉 


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