ROOT CAUSES (In my opinion)

Hi world, its me again :-). Hope every one is in good health,shape and state of mind.Oh Lawd!im in good spirits this 20th day of June 2012. Been a while i have been this happy for no reason. Well there is a reason. The joy of the Lord is my strength!Amen!  Follow me down the thought lane this day,and remember to drop your comments.xoxo

      I remember a few years back, when i was in high school. It was a physics class and a classmate of mine(i cant remember who) looked sick. So our tutor took notice and asked her what the problem was. She said she had a head ache.Now Mr Ndifon in his typical sarcasm told her that headache is not a sickness; but an indicator of one. He gave her the option of going to the sickbay,or sitting up in well that stuck with me till date.Funny but true. headaches always herald the existance or approach of something more serious which if dealt with on time could prevent days and possibly weeks  of bed ridden misery. 

Today,id like to talk about root causes.I stand to be corrected, but many-a-times, the challenges we face and deal with often arent the problems we should be addressing  in the real sense.Something always gives rise to the major problems we face.There are always underlying causes. others deeply rooted that we need to dig to sort them out. Sometimes, the root cause is usually very serious.Other times,its just an accumulation of several little things that pile up and then  before we know it,our attitudes change.We become  a shadow of ourselves and the way back seems really distant.

Today im going to enumerate a few of problems or challenges we have .And then try to the best of my ability to unearth the root causes.

(A): JEALOUSY:  Please, why is jealousy associated with the colour green? Plants are green,yet they are not jealous or hateful.well i dont think so. I once heard that if you dont feel jealous in a relationship,then you realy do not love the one you are with. Really?Well here is my take on this: its healthy to be a little bit jealous(protective and suspiciously watchful) but when you begin to do it too much, and take everything personal,under the canopy of jealousy,then my dear there are several root causes. First, it could be insecurity. You are scared that that person or thing can easily be taken from you and you are powerless to prevent that. Contrarily, some people’s trust have been so abused in times past that they do not have the courage to invest that in anyone else.They have become cynical and we misquote them. Other times, people who exude jealousy are attention mongers. They may have been insignificant in their social circle,or growing up, and seek some validation. And when anyone but them gets that which they desire,they make a fuss. im positive if we can identify the roots of what stirs up jealousy in us,we can become more positive and better people.Jealousy is negative.It is weakness.Overcome it.


(B): BITTERNESS :It is dark, it is heavy, it is dreadful. It is everything you never wanna experience. It keeps you in a world of your own.No one will ever actually understand you.It makes you throw tantrums, it makes you lament, it makes you accuse makes you repel those you love and who love you because you become aggressive. You exude so much negative energy, that your loved ones only want to love you from afar.If not dealt with,you become a lonely person and die from depression.Thank God for grace.It sets us free from condemnation. You see, the root cause of bitterness is ANGER. either anger repressed, or grudges stored up.A lot of it stems from feeling cheated, minimised, offended,and many other reasons i cant call to mind at the moment. No wonder the bible says do not let the sun go down on your anger. Because the Big guy upstairs knows what it will lead to.Bitterness often stems from unforgiveness;nursing plans of vengeance. You see the cause of your anger and you realease destructive juices. It eats you up inside. funny enough,this bitterness consumes you only.It affects you more than it does your offenders! T.D jakes in his compilation of let it go  ( addresses this better. Let me borrow his words:  “Let the past be the past. Forget the former things.LET IT GO”

(c): WAYWARDNESS : Yes this word is broad but today i want to dwell on girls exchanging sex for money.Isnt that wayward? Yes the oldest profession is! But there are exceptions,where its not by choice,but a product of circumstances. Im not playing the devil’s advoate,so dont give me that look.Just hear me out. One of the things that may lead a girl to prostitution is negligence. Check out  the girls you know,who are from solid homes. well trained,provided for, shown love.Will you see them under streetlights near hotels at night?  Abuse also contributes to this. A girl who is sexually abused at a tender age (and most victims wont tell because of death threats) grows up to be a sexual beast. Most times,they even give it out for free.lool .They are popularly called cheerful givers. Another cause is poverty.The rate of this in africa is extremely high.Even when you dont practice it on the street,you do it in corporate places. You qualify for employment,and you are told nothing goes for nothing.Even though some are lucky to escape that, when they eventually get the job, “oga’ will frustrate you into voluntary exit from the organisation if you refuse to satisfy his nasty urges. I once heard the term corporate prostitutes. In case you dont know who these are,they are female marketers! yes some of them do sleep with potential customers to bring in business for the companyh.  Aaaaah sad,yeah i know. These few are victims of circumstances.They could do the right thing,but they chose the easy way out.Can you blame them entirely? 

 So my dear reader,next time you think you have the right to judge someone, or you think your reaction or behaviour is justified,stop for a minute and try to examine the root causes.Life is hard . Be kind;to yourself and to others. Before you throw a rude comment at someone, take note that they may be going through something worse than what you see,sense or smell.



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