He isnt spectacular,but he is handsome.

His nails are well groomed and his hair neatly shaven.

His shirts are crisp and you can literally see your reflection on his shiny shoes.

His suits are tailored to fit and the smell of his perfume confuses my nerves.

On weekends, when he rolls his sleeves,he looks impeccable.

His designer sunshades accentuate his beautiful nose.

His muscles are well toned. Dear me,what a tidy fella.

  He lives three blocks away from me and i see him every blessed day.

Most times he doesnt notice me,but not a day passes and i dont look out for his entry or exit.

Yes i have monitored him so much,i can tell when he is leaving for or returning from work.

I cant describe my joy the day he exchanged pleasantries with me.Oh my he  has a space between his incisors.

And he is jovial too. The sultry tone in his voice… His accent… he is very refined. Gosh im beginning to dream about him.

Two more encounters and i had him on bbm. I had to try so hard not to tell him good morning daily.

please dont blame me,who doesnt like good things?

We became friends and he was easy going .Very civil too. He thought i was interesting and funny.

Over time, when he got back from work,he will call me and say “im around,come and say hi”

Funny enough he never asked me if i was single or married.I wasnt gonna be pompous,so i didnt either.

Then one day his blackberry status said” cant wait for her to get here”.

My heart beat tripled.I was too scared to hear the truth if i will be disadvantaged by it.

I didnt ask.In short,i was so jealous i didnt ping him for the rest of the week.

And to think his statuses kept referring to her!

Exactly ten days later (yes i was counting) on his return that evening, ”she”  alights from his car.

He does same,comes around to her side,lifts her,and mehhhhn! all that PDA is what he used to do in my dreams!

Well, he didnt leave the house that week end and i didnt ping him.

On monday,he called me and said he had a contract for me.

Ok. So im going to plan his wedding.How lovelorn can i have been?

I dont hate her. I just dislike her. Cos she is having all i wanted. But id still give her the perfect ceremony.

Because ,i love him.I love him,and she got him. **sigh**


2 thoughts on “SADLY I LOVE HIM….

  1. I’ve always reasoned that the “I am happy if she makes you happy” excuse is the biggest lie women tell themselves after a broken relationship, crush, hookup, booty call . . . name it. Hecks Naaaw! YOU’RE NOT!

    • it is even a bigger lie than u made it sound.its just an excuse to appear strong.
      well my next blog will be abt love triangles;)

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