SO you think you are the baddest girl alive.You know he is taken,yet you want him as much.You even try hard to prove to him that you are better than her. Okay lets assume you are the ”no commitment” type. You are with him just for the benefits. No doubt.some days,he acts like he is actually into you.He asks you to stay just a little longer. He calls you just a little more often. He tells you nice things and buys you nice gifts. You see, in as much as you ”please his senses”, he’s got history with her which he honours. Unlike the myth that guys are scared of commitment,a good percentage of them actually are loyal to the bonds they have formed with their significant other. And stray as they may,they protect those ties and dont want it broken on their account.

  Before long,you realise that your nonchalance is gone and it actually hurts to see him hold her hand, or stare into her eyes. You become more fragile and vulnerable. It stings to hear her name.the sight of him annoys you as much as you want to have him.You see,my dear, a relationship is between two people who are exclusive with each other. Three is a crowd. Therefore, if you are not bitchy enough to use your feminine wiles to ”obtain” him from her absolutely, do yourself a favour and take a bow. After all is said and done,he is just another guy.He wouldnt mind eating his cake and having it and like manna from heaven,you came in handy, you fanned his ego and fed his libido. Wise up girl! Too bad,woman folk was wired to be unnecessarily emotional. You came in as conqueror,now you have been conquered. Its time to let go,but sadly you love him…..hisssssssssss!!!


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