His name begins with the letter “O”. And for everytime i look at him,i say Oh my God. i can hardly believe he is mine. He is tall. He is handsome. He calls me baby. He’s got class. He’s got taste. He aims high. He cares about me.He cares for me. He tells me goodmorning and goodnight 7days a week. He flaunts me amidst his friends. He isnt afraid to say he loves me in public.  He calls my mum,and wants to be friends with my siblings.He is true to me, and he protects me.

Yet he is over possessive. Everything i do feeds his skepticism. Everything i say has a second meaning in his mind. His ego is so huge,its consuming me. He also got a temper that sparks like damp firewood. His words are so sharp they cut right through my lungs. Im always out of breath when he is angry. I get confused most of the times we have a tiff and i wonder if the english i speak sounds like greek.

My emotional switch has refused to flip to ”off”. Because he is always there for me.Despite all he does, i cant get over him. i say i want out very inaudibly,so that i can easily bail out of another tantrum.I know he loves me, but his expression of love is so contrary to mine. He feels he is loving me, but he is hurting me beyond reason. I wish he could learn to speak my primary love language.

I normally am not tolerant to this kind of treatment,but i love him too much to leave him….i know he can change.At least he doesnt hit me.*sigh*


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