I dont know…

Actually, i have nothing in mind as i type out these words.I just know i haven’t

blogged in somedays and something tells me to just start.I am sure somewhere along the 

line,something worthwhile will come up.So darling,just trust me and follow my lead.

  Its the first day in June.Actually,its the first day of the last month of the

second quarter of the year 2012.Did people actually believe the world will end this year?Once again,

i dont know. Is there really a problem with the change of name from UNILAG to MAULAG? Like seriously,

why will these students risk their lives because of a name?Does that name really get you employment 

faster than someone who went to Kano University and had better results than you did? I read that a student 

got shot.Some ladies bared their breasts in protests.Is it worth it?Or maybe the right question is :is there more

to the protest than just a change of name? Once again,i dont know.

 I was faced with rather challenging situations today.I must confess,i was confused half of 

the day.What do you do or say when the one(s) you love is (are) in a difficult situation,hurting and you just dont 

know how to make them feel better? I mean when all your funniest jokes at that point in time only make them scowl; and what you want to say just to make them feel better just wouldnt come out right? Is there any idiom like “dry blanket” (to mean to fix the displeasure of others)? I would have loved to be that.Not as if  my own affairs were exactly smooth today,but lets not get into that. The point is that i didnt know how to soothe their pain.I muttered a little “its God’s plan” though. Hope they took notice.Once again,that i do not know!

      In sooth,i knew very little or nothing today,because i bought a new battery for my fone,only to realise that it is faulty.i have disposed of the receipt (before you bombard me with questions,it was one of this small computerised invoices ;not bigger than my phone screen and after presenting to the security officer didnt think id need it again.besides,i bought it from a reputable phone shop,and it shouldnt be faulty btw!)and have to summon grace from heaven to silence any complications that may arise tomorrow due to no receipt.

          Disclaimer: Dear reader,the truth of the matter be say!  Well i dont .But atleast i have managed to keep you reading to this point.I no try?????!!!! In case you get angry that your reading of this didnt avail much,remember this is my disclaimer.Though, do not be too quick to dismiss me because after all this blabbing,I KNOW two things:

  1. Its almost midnight and i got to catch my beauty sleep.

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