I  have this colleague who has been beefing me for a while because i turned him down. 

Yeah, funny,but some guys dont take rejection kindly. However, i went to work this morning,looking just as 

good as i know how to.The fellow could not help texting me.In his text,he said “even if you’ve annoyed me some days back,i will not still stop telling you that you are BEAUTIFUL. Rosine,you’re completely and wonderfully 

MADE.   hmmmmmm. My head didnt swell, i tell you.Instead,i felt humbled. 


        Sitting this evening and reminiscing over my day, i realised i recieved a lot of compliments and favour.The 

only thing that came to my mind is a bunch of questions. Some of which are:

  •    who am i to be wonderfully made?
  • who am i to be so favoured?
  •   who am i to command the morning and see it come to fruition?
  • who am i to speak words that make immense sense?
  •   who am i ,this wretched sinner to have my wishes come true?
  • who am i that i get saved from troubles i get myself involved in?
  •   who am i that people hold in high esteem,even to the extent it suprises me?

Then i remember his word that says “and i will give thee the treasures of darkness,and the hidden riches of secret places,that thou mayest know that I,the Lord ,which call thee by thy name,am the God of Israel” Isaiah 45:3


Yes He does! one thing i have come to conclude,from my experience,and not just because i have heard others say,is that    He is.i simply cant find the right words to express what i really mean,my people.

but just believe in His promises.Thats the only person alive who doesnt know how to tell a single lie. He is always true to His word. Hold him to his promises,and see Him manifest Himself in your life.I urge you to 


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