HI my loves! been a while i blogged ,i know. Your girl’s

been occupied with many other things.But i’d try my utmost best to keep your minds busy with my

reflections more often.

    Lets talk about sex! No dear, im not talking about  jesus entering jerusalem   .Rather i’m referring to the consequences that come with having it deceitfully.Okay let me stop going around in circles.Lets discuss cheating!

 I was reading my devotional today via twitter (i’d strongly recommend @bible dose if you are on twitter) and it was titled “NO CONDEMNATION” .It drew my attention to the fact that the woman who was going to be stoned for commiting adultery, was accused alone. yeah  you are right on that thought. Where is the person she committed it with? Did she commit it alone? Was it lawful to exonerate her partner?  

Let me phrase my question from another angle why is infidelity less tolerated by men?Or rather, why is it more acceptable for a man to cheat on his spouse,be they married or just dating?! My point is this : A lot of the time, men hardly forgive infidelity. They very often end the relationship on that note. No doubt,im aware its very difficult to build back the trust in a cheating partner. but lets face it,most women will take back their man if he shows remorse and promises to be better *even if he is lying*.

  I recently threw the question to some men as to why men hardly forgive infidelity while women do forgive more readily. They answered me in one word:”ego” .I was like “really?!” . Then they pointed out to me that most African women are bound to tolerate it because of the culture that binds them.They stated to me that a woman in Europe or America under the same circumstance will walk out of the marriage with half of the man’s wealth.Meanwhile here in Africa, a woman walking out of her marriage stands to lose everything. It is difficult to marry a once-married-woman in our continent. She also risks being neglected with no child support especially if she has no legal back up. Are we as African women being marginalised even in this modern era? Are we just following the scriptural instruction to forgive infinitely, or do we just love these men really unconditionally?

      It is no news that a promiscuous girl is a slut,and a promiscuous guy is a player. Praising the latter and condemning the former. Don’t get me twisted, cheating is a very conscious decision which is usually well planned.So im not praising the offender.All i want to ask our guys is  WHY????lol


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