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 I  have this colleague who has been beefing me for a while because i turned him down. 

Yeah, funny,but some guys dont take rejection kindly. However, i went to work this morning,looking just as 

good as i know how to.The fellow could not help texting me.In his text,he said “even if you’ve annoyed me some days back,i will not still stop telling you that you are BEAUTIFUL. Rosine,you’re completely and wonderfully 

MADE.   hmmmmmm. My head didnt swell, i tell you.Instead,i felt humbled. 


        Sitting this evening and reminiscing over my day, i realised i recieved a lot of compliments and favour.The 

only thing that came to my mind is a bunch of questions. Some of which are:

  •    who am i to be wonderfully made?
  • who am i to be so favoured?
  •   who am i to command the morning and see it come to fruition?
  • who am i to speak words that make immense sense?
  •   who am i ,this wretched sinner to have my wishes come true?
  • who am i that i get saved from troubles i get myself involved in?
  •   who am i that people hold in high esteem,even to the extent it suprises me?

Then i remember his word that says “and i will give thee the treasures of darkness,and the hidden riches of secret places,that thou mayest know that I,the Lord ,which call thee by thy name,am the God of Israel” Isaiah 45:3


Yes He does! one thing i have come to conclude,from my experience,and not just because i have heard others say,is that    He is.i simply cant find the right words to express what i really mean,my people.

but just believe in His promises.Thats the only person alive who doesnt know how to tell a single lie. He is always true to His word. Hold him to his promises,and see Him manifest Himself in your life.I urge you to 



HELLO EVERYONE!Hope you all had a good day. Mine was very peaceful. So i was thinking of my dear friend Bolaji Okunribido today,and how i missed attending her bday a couple of days ago because    of unavoidable circumstances (i hope that grammar was correct).Then i remembered she went to the cinema on the said day, and watched the movie phone swap (nollywood don dey try oh!cinema!)  and suddenly it dawned on me what that implies!i have never watched the film, but dear,i’m sure you agree with me that the title is thrilling.

  Daaaaaaamn! Imagine what this could do to those who have skeletons in their cupboards!lol. In my head,i see it like this: a couple who are phone fads bought the latest phone at the same time.Probably the dude buys for them both. Same colour. Then on a given day, he is in a rush,cause he wakes up late for work, and without looking,grabs his s.o’s (s.o means significant other) phone in error and dashes out the door. Guilty people,what will you do?! looool

well,my friend drew my attention to the fact that guy’s history on their phones are always clear.lool. Im not one of those overzealous feminists,dont misquote me. And some people are not allowed to ping me after reading this to fire me. But there’s a lil truth in that.

  the question is are you one of those people whom when asked for their phones will say ‘just a minute, *delete,delete,delete* here” ? Well i know a dude who always left me with his phone and all his social networks logged on.   He had no passwords on his phone, tho i don’t remember whether his histories were Bottom line is, he was true to me. yes my s.o. Pls dnt And those questions in your mind,press delete!

My little word of advice is, if you must have the same phone, have it in different colours to avoid unnecessary tiffs.No matter how void of skeletons your cupboard is,your phone is a private gadget. The least thing can be misinterpreted. I read a joke which stated that a man on a long term journey sent a text to his wife saying ”i wish you were her” e was missing at the end of her. The rest is history dear reader,lol. In this day of autocorrects,  no matter how guileless you are,you want to spare yourself the dramma of explaining the text your colleague sent to remind you to wear a certain colour to work as planned (maybe christmas party at work), which you didnt gist your s.o about. Im just saying. And be true to your s.o. It doesnt hurt. Why will you be petrified when your s.o sits next to your phone while you stepped away?Talkless of spending a whole day in error with your phone? Okay, i can understand that you may have some callers whom you have no strings attached to, but who believe they can replace your boo. Fine. Well why is the name you used to store their contact incriminating? How come you copy so many of their bbm pics and say there is nothing between you two?how come you initiate more chats with A or B than you do with your Sweety? Think,people! Even within your privacy terrain< think smart. Act wisely. Dont put yourself in compromising situations, because you do not know the day or hour.lool.You may not have the chance to say just a minute and delete one or two things before saying “here” .

Until next time, gros bisou!Dont read this without leaving your views. cheers!!!





     HI my loves! been a while i blogged ,i know. Your girl’s

been occupied with many other things.But i’d try my utmost best to keep your minds busy with my

reflections more often.

    Lets talk about sex! No dear, im not talking about  jesus entering jerusalem   .Rather i’m referring to the consequences that come with having it deceitfully.Okay let me stop going around in circles.Lets discuss cheating!

 I was reading my devotional today via twitter (i’d strongly recommend @bible dose if you are on twitter) and it was titled “NO CONDEMNATION” .It drew my attention to the fact that the woman who was going to be stoned for commiting adultery, was accused alone. yeah  you are right on that thought. Where is the person she committed it with? Did she commit it alone? Was it lawful to exonerate her partner?  

Let me phrase my question from another angle why is infidelity less tolerated by men?Or rather, why is it more acceptable for a man to cheat on his spouse,be they married or just dating?! My point is this : A lot of the time, men hardly forgive infidelity. They very often end the relationship on that note. No doubt,im aware its very difficult to build back the trust in a cheating partner. but lets face it,most women will take back their man if he shows remorse and promises to be better *even if he is lying*.

  I recently threw the question to some men as to why men hardly forgive infidelity while women do forgive more readily. They answered me in one word:”ego” .I was like “really?!” . Then they pointed out to me that most African women are bound to tolerate it because of the culture that binds them.They stated to me that a woman in Europe or America under the same circumstance will walk out of the marriage with half of the man’s wealth.Meanwhile here in Africa, a woman walking out of her marriage stands to lose everything. It is difficult to marry a once-married-woman in our continent. She also risks being neglected with no child support especially if she has no legal back up. Are we as African women being marginalised even in this modern era? Are we just following the scriptural instruction to forgive infinitely, or do we just love these men really unconditionally?

      It is no news that a promiscuous girl is a slut,and a promiscuous guy is a player. Praising the latter and condemning the former. Don’t get me twisted, cheating is a very conscious decision which is usually well planned.So im not praising the offender.All i want to ask our guys is  WHY????lol