I wouldn’t settle for less.No never.And don’t get me twisted. im not searching for perfect. I need a perfect blend of human-and-divine. Yes,simply put,i want the
simplest yet indispensable form of love,packaged in every curve.
  Dont tell me beauty is vain,and character is everything,because duh!when i sight
her for the first time,she’s gotta catch my eye.And she needs to be able to keep me
captivated even after i wife her.They say men fall in love through their eyes,why on
earth would i be the exception.I need a woman who on her worst day still looks 
effortlessly elegant.That would give me a reason to not be mesmerized by those sexy chicas 
out there! I need her to look good,smell good,TASTE good! A woman’s heart should be so buried in God that a man has got to seek Him to 
find her.Nothing is of higher value than a word of encouragement backed by scripture
and spoken by the lips i love to kiss.I need the Eve to my Adam.She gotta be my
soul mate in communion and fellowship with the One who gave her my rib.
  She’s gotta be educated.yeah  i want me a boss lady.Bills are crazy these 
days,im gonna need some assistance.Not withstanding,she has to be sub-
missive.Its my divine right to Lord over her,so long as she remains the neck,im cool with being the head of the house.    I need a LADY that will mother my kids and wife me.So what if its a rocket 
age we live in?There should be a fine line between home and office.Thats why i 
need her to be ready and willing to venture into this life long journey with me.
    I need a lady who understands me.Who knows me like the back of her hand.
Who trusts me,who believes in me.You cant tell me you love me unconditionally if you cant 
have my back. And you definitely cant have my back if you do not have the above for me.
    I need a loyal PARTNER.One who can stand in,and stand up for me.One that defends me
and makes me feel like the world’s greatest.One that will make me wonder why i spent
 so many years as a bachelor.One that gives me reason to rush back home from 
work each day.One that cannot be compared to my mum,because their qualities 
overlap.One that takes over from where my mum left off.A woman so strong im 
not afraid to let down my defenses and cry in her bossom when storms arise.
The type of partner that says ”Boo,i got this” when i dont know how to proceed
in a situation.One admired by peers and foes.Thats the kind of girl i dream to marry.
      When all is said and done,i wanna marry my friend.My  very best friend.I wanna place gold on the finger of she that will be with me 80 years from now and will have 
kept me happy and sane every step of the way.I need the ying to my yang.My first baby,
My last love.So help me God.


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