”A girl’s laughter is much more cheerful than a boy’s; But a boy’s teardrop is much more meaningful than a girl’s.”

                                                       –Will Smith–

Naturally,a man’s minute of tears calls for more attention

than a woman’s week of weeping ever will. Personally,it takes

me completely off guard and momentarily confused.Literally

shocked.Thats because you don’t get to witness that often.

I think  its not a taboo for a man to cry.Its only a sign he is

in touch with his emotions.A hearty laugh they say,gives one a

good dry cleaning;while a good cry is a wet wash.

From infancy.little boys start hearing the words: ”boys don’t 

cry!” .As they grow up,among their peers,they are mocked and 

referred to as ”weak” for letting tears roll down on any given occasion.

When they mature and bear the weight of the world on their shoulders,

(family,work,society) they intensify their ”tearlessness”.It actually

takes a lot more courage for them to cry than to hold back.Little wonder

more young men are dying from cardiac arrest in recent times.The heart 

ache bottled up inside repeatedly is enough to paralyse your nerves!

Over time,i have observed that men are in fact very emotional beings.

They have very soft spots and try to cover up with machismo,and succeed 

quite well at it.Many a times,when a man is aggravated, frustrated,or 

aggrieved,they tend to withdraw emotionally.Most will walk away 

from the source of their trouble.others become aggressive and violent.

Others take to the bottle,and others find solace in drugs and other weird 

things.Truth is if they allowed themselves to express what their hurt is  

in the easiest (cost effective for that matter) way,life will be simpler.Life 

expectancy will rise significantly and earth will be a better home.

You see,dear boys(men) even jesus did weep.Its alright to break down

and relieve yourself of some emotional tension.

Unless you are not literally a weeping prophet, CRY BABY CRY!!!

It doesn’t make you less than a man.It doesn’t make you

appear  weak.It only re-iterates your humanity.We women also

have strong tender shoulders you can cry on,you know.By the way,

I’m yet to find a better comforter than a lady’s bossom!

Until next time,remember to release the emotional bomb

through your eyes.Quit the in-control-tough-guy role play.It sends

a strong message across to us ladies when you let down your guard-

that you trust us.It shows us you care,and are compassionate.

We want to hug you and tell you all will be well!

Bring out the tenderness inside-its cute!!!


7 thoughts on “DEAR GUYS,PLEASE CRY!!!!!!!

  1. Its an extremely deep&traumatising heart-aching experience for a lady…watching ur man cry…whew!

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